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Pro Vestland opplæringskontor is a vocational training office recruiting apprentices to train into skilled workers in the following industries: process and mechanical industry, sales and media. We mainly work with companies in Sogn and Fjordane, however we have one company situated in Trøndelag and one in Oppland.

Pro was founded in 1997 and today we have 100-150 apprentices in different companies.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.


In 2015 we started a new cooperation for student exchange with Vocational Education Competence Center «Riga State Technical School» in Riga, Latvia.

We offer a 4 week long exchange for our apprentices where the goal is for them to learn about a new culture and their field of work in another country.

For many years we have also been cooperating with BASF in Germany. Many apprentices have had practice in factories in Germany. All of them have come home with a fascinating experience for life. During the exchange you will get all expenses paid, plus some extra pocket money.

If you want to participate or know more about our exchange-program, send an e-mail to:



The purpose of the training office is to recruit, plan, implement and coordinate vocational training. The Education Act regulates the apprenticeship contracts and training contracts. The training office is eligible for companies in Norway. The training office shall facilitate and assist with the implementation of general competence development in the member companies, within the areas in question.

The training office shall be the coordinator and the driving force in the information work for students, teachers, counselors and parents who are connected to the foundation and upper secondary school. Pro’s area of work are all subjects in which the office is currently approved for, at any given time. The training office shall ensure that approval is put in place in subjects when one or more of the members need new subjects added. The training office shall be organized as a foundation. The foundation is ideal and therefore non-profit. The purpose of the foundation is not to engage in acquisitions or to make a financial profit. However, the foundation must be able to fulfill the purpose by establishing or joining as an owner in a limited company or other organizations, if necessary.

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Pro Vestland opplæringskontor

Besøksadresse: Concordbygget, Firdaveien 6
Postadresse: Postboks 492, 6803 Førde
Telefon: (+47) 57 83 22 60
Organisasjonsnummer: NO980 026 655


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